Getting An Attorney Did The Trick

Making the choice to get a personal injury attorney was one of the best decisions that I ever made. It can be devastating to suffer from a personal injury after a car accident, but it is something that a person can survive, and I am living proof of that. I was involved in a serious accident about a year ago, and I got some good advice about an accident attorney. I was rear ended and pushed into the car that was in front of me. The car that rear-ended me was going 60 mph. I was rushed to the hospital, and thankfully I was able to quickly regain consciousness. I suffered a lot of pain and distress after the accident, because my nose was broken, and also my two legs were broken. I have had horrible back problems since my accident, and I really did not know where to turn.

I was able to get a lot of help for my insurance, but since my injuries were so severe, the amount that the insurance paid out was not enough to cover all of my medical bills. I knew that I was going to have to get a personal injury attorney. I looked around a lot on the Internet, but there was so much information that I really did not know where to turn. I had seen a commercial for a professional Los Angeles personal injury attorney, and I decided to call the number that I saw on the television. I was so happy that I was able to find that accident attorney, because they were more professional than I ever thought an attorney could be.

My attorney at Pacific Attorney Group listened to what I needed, and she had me go over the accident with her. She was patient, kind, and trustworthy. She told me that she was going to fight for my rights, and that she was going to give me the compensation that I deserved. I was not able to work for four months, but apart from that, I still suffer from a lot of pain. I did not know exactly what I was doing on my own, but my Los Angeles personal injury attorney helped me to figure all that out. My attorney helped me to understand all the ins and outs of personal injury laws, and she was able to help me to get the perfect settlement for everything that I had gone through. I really trusted my personal injury lawyer, and she became more like a friend than an attorney to me.

Within just a few months, we were able to come to a settlement with the driver of the vehicle that hit me. I was able to get my lump sum payment, and it was a better settlement than I would’ve ever thought. There may be some people that may be hesitant about getting an accident attorney, but I can honestly say that attaining a personal injury lawyer was the best thing that I could’ve done for myself after my serious car accident.